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/* * Program13_1.asm * * Created: 05/09/2017 05:26:39 * Author: Naimi */ ;Program 13-1: This program gets data from channel 0 (ADC0) of ;ADC and displays the result on Port C and Port D. This is done ;forever. ;****************** Program 13-1 ************************* LDI R16,0xFF OUT DDRB, R16 ;make Port B an output OUT DDRD, R16 ;make Port D an output LDI R16,0 OUT DDRC, R16 ;make Port C an input for ADC LDI R16,0x87 ;enable ADC and select ck/128 STS ADCSRA, R16 LDI R16,0xC0 ;1.1V Vref, ADC0 single ended STS ADMUX, R16 ;input, right-justified data READ_ADC: LDI R16,0x87|(1<<ADSC) STS ADCSRA,R16 ;start conversion KEEP_POLLING: ;wait for end of conversion LDS R16,ADCSRA SBRS R16,ADIF ;is it end of conversion yet? RJMP KEEP_POLLING ;keep polling end of conversion LDI R16,(1<<ADIF) STS ADCSRA,R16 ;write 1 to clear ADIF flag LDS R16,ADCL ;YOU HAVE TO READ ADCL FIRST OUT PORTD,R16 ;give the low byte to PORTD LDS R16,ADCH ;READ ADCH AFTER ADCL OUT PORTB,R16 ;give the high byte to PORTB RJMP READ_ADC ;keep repeating it